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02-04-2008Responsible action - people, society and environment
With respACT to more respect

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the social responsibility of companies is a concept for acting responsibly towards the market, employees, society and the environment and at the same time to realize the company vision.

Edlmair Kunststofftechnik was recommended by the WKO as one of the 15 leading companies to participate in a CSR project in cooperation with respACT. The term respACT stands for “Responsible Action” and emphasizes the social responsible actions of companies.

respACT - austrian business council for sustainable development applies to companies of all sizes situated in Austria:
From small businesses to large companies that, started in Upper Austria, is to be an example for further projects in all the provinces.

The project has started. The first workshops have been programmed. Time to Stop writing and start acting…