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Tank construction - pools

Tank construction / pools

Equalizing tanks Linings Waste dump seepage water
Storage/chemical tanks Shafts Swimming pools
Special tanks Water storage
Tanks and shafts of PE-HD and PP are used in dump sites, swimming pools, washing plants, in water supply systems, for storage and process tanks in industry and in many other fields. Use is also made of PVDF or PVC for special areas of application.

The tanks are made of plate materials in various sizes according to structural calculations in accordance with the DVS.

Models: Cylindrical upright or lying, with simple jackets or double jackets, with or without tank roofs, rectangular, as special shapes, self-supporting or non-self-supporting.

Equipment: Valves, agitators, pumps, leak warning systems ...

Further areas of application for tanks, shafts and linings:

  • Settling tanks
  • Waste water tanks
  • Equalizing tanks
  • Double-walled tanks, tanks, collecting tanks
  • Electrolyte tanks, electrolyte baths
  • High tanks for construction and renovations
  • Storage tanks, chemical storage tanks
  • Neutralization tanks
  • Buffer tanks for pressure interruption shafts
  • Pump shafts
  • Silos
  • Swimming pools
  • Tanks for drinking water, spring water, water supply in thermals. Sewage plants, waste water
  • Tank rooms: Drinking water, renovation, lining of tank rooms
  • Sedimentation tanks, reserve tanks
  • Spade shaft for dump site
  • Level tank cylindrical 25m² for cooling or exhaust gas cleaning